Case Study : Phoenix Suns (Sports)

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We have been using Hues for over a  year now and cannot say enough good things.  You always know you have a winner when every other creative person in the building is asking “what is that effect?” or “How did you do that?”.

Case Study : Lucky Lemon Films (Wedding)

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One of the ways that have helped define our brand and our style is our use of real Super 8 and 16mm film. We have a very natural and organic style to our films and our event productions and our clients have certain sense of style that our work goes really well with.

Case Study : Avery Watts (Music)

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The video for “A Cut Above” was challenging from day one. Not only were we working on limited time and limited budget, but the entire project was to be executed by only myself and one other person (see credits). All the environments were authentic and the entire film was shot in full “renegade mode” as far as sneaking into locations, working under the cloak of darkness, having no professional crew, flying by the seat of our pants and doing it all with basically consumer-grade equipment.

Be A Man This Movember

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In the field of media production there is nothing worse than being under the direction of a leader who simply refuses to lead. We’ve all been there right? It’s the stereotypical “dinosaur leader” full of knowledge but unwilling to invest in his or her future leaders.

Case Study : Flying Rhino (Non-Profit)

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A few weeks ago we took some time to sift through our previous orders and spotlight a handful of clients that we believe have made the most of our products. Chris Crary and the team at Flying Rhino drew our attention with their natural edits and use of light. Chris took some time to review 5DLEAKS and explain how editing with light has enhanced his edits.